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Boston Globe: Burrage Mansion, Residence Two

Campion and Company's exclusive listing at Burrage Mansion in Back Bay was featured in the Boston Globe this week, Tom Brady's One Time Condo in Back Bay is Now on the Market. Please call 617-236-0711 or email for more information.

Average Price per Square Foot by Neighborhood in Boston, 2018 Year End

This snapshot provides average asking prices per square foot in 13 Boston neighborhoods. The prices listed are for 2018 sales, below which are the percent changes from the previous year. 

For the neighborhoods in this analysis—which does not include all of the neighborhoods of Boston—the overall price range for the city through 2018 ranges from $545 per square foot in East Boston to $1,338 per square foot in the Seaport, where recently completed luxury developments, including 50 Liberty, are setting a new market standard. In Fenway, the 57.5% price increase is a result of luxury unit closings at Pierce Boston

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One Dalton Officially Tops Off

Back Bay's Four Seasons Hotel and Private Residences One Dalton Street, known as One Dalton, held its official topping off ceremony on August 7th. 

At 61-stories and 742 feet tall, One Dalton is Boston's tallest residential building and the third tallest building overall,  behind the 790-foot tower at 200 Clarendon St. formerly known as the John Hancock Tower, and the 749-foot Prudential Tower. The tower will include 215 Four Seasons hotel rooms and 160 luxury condominiums offering the finest residential amenities available throughout the city.

Cambridge-based Carpenter & Co. is developing One Dalton, which was designed by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners and Cambridge Seven Associates. The tower is being built by Suffolk.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh, Suffolk CEO John Fish, Carpenter & Co. CEO Richard Friedman and members of the Campion and Company sales team were in attendance at the topping-off event, along with several hundred construction workers celebrating the building that has forever changed Boston's skyline.

Watch: 'One Dalton' will be tallest residential building in all of New England

Boston Market Update: Aspirational Pricing, Bid Wars & Everything In Between



Here we will take a closer look at first quarter sales activity in the following neighborhoods: Back Bay, Beacon Hill, Fenway, Midtown, North End, Seaport, South End, Waterfront, West End. Select neighborhoods are reporting record prices, both in terms of selling prices and prices per square foot (largely achieved by the delivery of brand new luxury developments), but a decrease in the overall pace of sales may be a sign that we are heading toward a cooling period from the growth that has dominated the past 6 years or so. 

Comparing the first quarters of 2018 to 2017 (including all condominium and co-op price points):

  • the number of closings was down 10% from last year
  • the number of properties being put under agreement was down 16% from last year

Since 2018's first quarter saw fewer new listings than both 2017 and 2016, limited inventory is one explanation for the decrease in sales. In a limited inventory market, days on market statistics typically remain low, as has been the case in recent years. But for the properties that have sold in Q1 2018 compared to last year, days on market is actually up over 15%. Now, even with fewer listings to choose from and compete for, buyers are taking more time to watch the market. Whether it is due to expectations of rising interest rates, anxieties over the current political climate, or concerns if we’ve already reached a high point in the cyclical nature of the market, Boston's buyers are increasingly wary of overpaying. 

An era of aspirational pricing? 

Buyers are especially taking their time in the top of the market, a segment dominated by boutique and large-scale new developments of Boston’s recent building boom.  In the last few years, developers have been able to command premiums for their product by offering superior product and superior services in high-demand downtown locations (all this in the face of rising construction costs). The term, “aspirational pricing,” has been gaining ground for listings that have been priced at dramatic premiums above current market conditions. In a softening luxury market, the question stands if the “aspirational” pricing of developers reflects conditions of the years past more so than the current reality. Some aspirations will continue to be realized - albeit with longer market time - if true value is realized in the location, views, finishes and amenities the property offers.

Others will be left to sit on the market. 

In the first quarter, only seven properties closed above $5million citywide while twenty-six remain active on the market. It took an average of 48 more days for these properties to sell than all others priced below $5million.

In other segments of the market, would-be buyers do not have the luxury of being overly price conscious. Specific areas and price points have and will continue to draw bid wars and over-asks immediately once a property is listed. This is especially the case regarding properties in or below the $1million to $2million range, even more so if they include multiple bedrooms. A common formula stands for these types of properties: list the property mid week; hold open houses and private shows through the weekend; collect bids early in the following week. Because of the intense appeal of Boston among a wide range of clientele – from suburban empty nesters to young urban professionals to international investors – this formula is likely to hold.

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Average Price Per Square Foot by Neighborhood in Boston

This snapshot provides average asking prices per square foot in 13 Boston neighborhoods. The prices listed are for the first quarter of 2018, below which are the percent changes from the same period last year. 

For the neighborhoods in this analysis—which does not include all of the neighborhoods of Boston—the overall price range for the city through the first 3 months of 2018 ranges from $510 per square foot in East Boston to $1,528 per square foot in Beacon Hill, where boutique luxury developments have just been completed and are setting records in the neighborhood.

Because Boston's product is very limited, individual buildings can have a large effect on price per square foot statistics. In addition to boutique luxury developments driving numbers in Beacon Hill, the delivery of units at Fifty Liberty in the Seaport has helped to raise average pricing there over 100% from last year's first quarter.

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Top 1st Quarter Condo Sales

Boston’s 10 most expensive condominium sales of 2018's First Quarter

The city's top condominium sales are spread throughout five neighborhoods and represent a mix of boutique and full-service homes. All properties except Penthouse 2A at the Ritz Carlton and Unit 4 at 301 Berkeley Street are either brand new construction, or were recently built within the last few years.  

Sale Price








Maison Vernon # PH

Beacon Hill






25 Beacon # 2*

Beacon Hill     






Ritz Tower II # PH2A*







Millennium Tower # 5102    







50 Liberty # 11B







Maison Vernon # V

Beacon Hill






50 Liberty # 8B







301 Berkeley St # 4*

Back Bay






Pierce Boston # PH 28E







50 Liberty # 7B







*Indicates sales for which Campion and Company represented the Seller and/or Buyer. 

Source: LINK

Another Record Year for Campion and Company

We are pleased to report another banner year, having closed over $460,000,000 in residential real estate in Boston and the surrounding towns. Last year, we had the top market share in the city for condominiums and single-family homes priced above $1,000,000, as well as for all properties priced above $1,000 per square foot. We look forward to many more successful collaborations with buyers, sellers and developers in 2018.

Over-Ask in 2017: Back Bay

Back Bay remains one of Boston's most desirable residential neighborhoods, as evidenced by the number of transactions that take place at or above a property's asking price.

On average in Back Bay during 2017....

  • All studios traded 2.3% above asking price
  • All 1-bed condos traded 0.5% above asking price
  • All 2-bed condos traded 0.5% below asking price
  • All 3-bed condos traded 2.5% below asking price
  • All 4-plus-bed condos traded 6.1% below asking price

   By price point...

  • Condos that closed between $500,000 and $1,000,000 traded 0.9% above asking price
  • Condos that closed between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 traded 1% below asking price
  • Condos that closed between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000 traded 2.6% below asking price
  • Condos that closed between $3,000,000 and $4,000,000 traded 2.6% below asking price
  • Condos that closed between $4,000,000 and $5,000,000 traded 4.8% below asking price
  • Condos that closed above $5,000,000 traded 5.6% below asking price

All condo types in Back Bay sold for 99.5% of asking price in an average of 48 days. In 2016, for comparison, condos sold for 98.5% of asking price in an average of 59 days.

Multiple offer scenarios and bidding wars are likely to remain a common occurrence for those looking to purchase in Back Bay, particularly for properties in or below the $1M - $2M range. 

Source: MLS


416 Marlborough Street, Unit 3. Sold over asking price by Campion and Company.

416 Marlborough Street, Unit 3. Sold over asking price by Campion and Company.