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Since its inception in 2007, Campion and Company has exemplified a profound commitment to its clients by providing a level of service unparalleled by others in the field. Campion has quickly risen to prominence and Tracy Campion herself holds the enviable position as the #1 Broker in Massachusetts since 2001. Campion is a consistent leader in sales, closing $8.7 Billion in sales to date.

Campion’s sales and marketing efforts are supported by its top-of-the-line staff who research the market carefully, create strategically targeted marketing collateral and stand by a commitment of a 7-days a week agent availability. All of the rapidly growing Campion team recognizes the importance of furthering Tracy Campion’s carefully cultivated reputation for quality, professionalism, and – above all – results.

“While molding Campion and Company to be the dominant player in Boston’s high-end real estate market was our initial goal, I still take greater pride in the day to day job of helping my clients, whether it's to find the perfect home, or sell at the optimum price,” says Campion; “to this day I’m still completely focused on making sure that my clients are 100% satisfied with the results."

While Boston’s real estate market has grown enormously in value and complexity over the last decade, Campion’s commitment to the needs of its clients remains paramount.

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