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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

When I first worked with Bill Gehan as a buyer in 2010, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and was impressed by his competence and professionalism so much that I remembered him, and spoke to him and nobody else when we thought it might be time to sell a couple years ago, and then again when it was time this past summer.

Now that our transaction is closed, I must say that [my wife] and I hold Bill in even higher regard.  He is simply the best.  Bill is an absolute pleasure to deal with, represents his clients with passion, dedication, and integrity, and also with sound judgment and wisdom.  He is the consummate relationship based professional.  I’m guessing he learned much of this from you, for which you should be very proud.

I’ve joked with Bill that I wish we had more Boston real estate to buy or sell so that we could work with him again.  We don’t, but never say never, and if we ever do we know who we’ll call.

We are very thankful for Bill this year. Teammates like Bill are few and far between.

My brother died and I became his Personal Representative and a Trustee for his Trust. One of the major assets was his condominium in downtown Boston. I live in the Midwest and his children had also moved to other cities so none of us were familiar with the Boston real estate market.

After interviewing several realtors, we chose Tracy Campion as our agent. She appeared to be highly experienced with a proven track record and was highly personable.

Tracy proved to be a very valuable asset educating us on the Boston market – particularly since the market was changing during the time the unit was listed. She was quite helpful in presenting comparables to us to show us the trends in the market.

The sale was by an estate with multiple trustees and beneficiaries and we wanted to obtain consensus on our major decisions. Tracy was extraordinarily patient in dealing with a large strong will cast of characters and presenting information to help us reach agreement.

Using Tracy was a key decision in facilitating the sale of this condo.

Bill Gehan of Campion & Company is amazing at what he does.  If you are looking to purchase (or list) your property I would highly recommend that you speak to Bill to get his opinion, and hear about his plans to find you a home that you love, or to sell your property smoothly and professionally.  Initially I contacted Bill about a property that he had listed and I thought it was under agreement...but then saw another company advertising it as still available.  Bill answered right away about the listing and was apologetic that it was no longer available. He was so kind and helpful when I contacted him that I decided to look at property with him.  What a smart decision!  

Bill knows the neighborhoods of Boston, and can pick up on subtle things about a property that you may not be aware of when looking.  Buying a home is important, and having an expert like Bill is essential. He also seems to know (by name!) 50 percent of the people that he passes by on the street in Back Bay.  

I have some health issues that have complicated our housing search, and not once did Bill make me feel like a burden. In fact, he made sure to ask the right questions to ensure that I would wind up in a situation that I could stay long term.  If you're looking for old fashioned (outstanding) service, integrity and a real estate professional that will be an advocate for you, I implore you to contact Bill.  He is not only excellent at what he does, he also makes the process fun, and is a terrific communicator.

I reached out to your firm to assist me in renting an apartment in Boston, and have been working with Annie Youssoufian. First, she is a most lovely human being and a true professional as well. I cannot say enough positive words about my experience working with her. She is a total delight in every way and a great asset to Campion's wonderful reputation.

I feel privileged to have her in my life. Just wanted you to know this from a very satisfied client. Best regards.

Dear Annie,

Thank you so much again for your help in securing our new home. It is always such a pleasure working with you and we are so appreciative of everything. We look forward to moving into our new home! 

Annie: Thank you so much for helping us find a place to live in such a short amount of time. We couldn't have asked for a better agent!

We really wanted to write and let you know what a wonderful experience we had working with Annie Youssoufian. She took us around on many weekends to introduce us to the area and help us find our new home (which we're loving). We looked far and wide, and weren't sure what exactly we were looking for coming into it, and she was extremely patient working with us to figure that out. What's more, we nearly always had our two young boys in tow, and Annie easily handled the chaos, helped wrangle the kids, and helped put us at ease in a stressful situation. 

Annie was extremely efficient and organized, and always kept on top of the details and deadlines. She also consistently went above and beyond (for example, braving rush hour Boston traffic to pick me up at work, take me to see a home South of the city, and then drop me all the way back at work!), and always did so happily. We are very grateful for our experience working with Annie, and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Our trust chose Campion and Company because of their remarkable track record as the most successful real estate firm in Massachusetts.   We needed a firm with expert skill sets to bring to the market an exceptionally high barrier, undeveloped island property on the South Shore of Massachusetts. 

Owner Tracy Campion and Broker David Murdock worked hand-in-hand with the trust every step of the way to find a buyer and complete the sale.  For that effort, they brought Matt Murphy and Boston Virtual Imaging on board to produce a first-class video and stills of the property with an aerial drone.   David oversaw its editing, crafted a “spot on” script, and engaged voiceover talent to round out the production for website viewing.   Complementing this effort, Tracy Campion called upon “A-List” Boston architect Guy Grassi who provided perfectly scaled renderings of an estate home with a carriage house to inspire prospective buyers as to the possibilities this property possesses.   

David’s accessibility, diligence, focus and continuous outreach to potential buyers, ultimately secured the right buyer to close the sale of this one-of-a-kind property for the trust.

Mary has worked with me for the past 7+ years representing me while purchasing and renting property. She is a thorough professional and ethical professional to work with!

When my siblings and I inherited our parents’ Back Bay brownstone, we knew we had to put it on the market.  None of us could give the house the proper care and it needed a lot of work.

We interviewed five different Back Bay realtors, all from firms with great reputations.  Tracy Campion was clearly head and shoulders above all of them in her approach to the sale of the house and in her quick understanding of our needs.  She seems to know all the players in the fast-paced world of Boston high finance real estate.  She was always extremely clear in explaining her marketing strategies to us.  Most of all she impressed us with her direct no-nonsense approach to all questions and concerns. 

As one of the other realtors said, when told we were going with Tracy: “Well as much as I wish you were giving me your business, I know you won’t be sorry.  She is a powerhouse.”  That has proven to be true, as well as a testament to the high regard in which even her competitors hold her.  She takes pride in her work.  Her sense of integrity and her honesty at every stage of the often nerve-wracking sale process were refreshing.

We called her the miracle worker after she managed to bring in offers at over $400 per square foot more than another top realtor told us we could possibly hope for given the condition of the house.  She closed the sale as quickly and as efficiently as she had told us in the original interview she thought she could.  

If Tracy agrees to sell your house, consider yourself lucky.

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