Title /blog/tag/home%20buying%20process/?format=rss A blog feed. en-US Thu, 10 Mar 2016 21:03:57 -0500 Understanding the Boston Home Buying Process https://www.campionre.com/blog/posts/2016/03/10/understanding-the-boston-home-buying-process/ <p>If you&#39;re a first-time home buyer in the Boston real estate market or could use a refresher, this step-by-step guide will help simplify the process for you. &nbsp;</p> <h2>1. Prepare Ahead</h2> <p>As you prepare to search for a Boston home, there are a few steps to keep in mind just before you find your dream home.&nbsp;</p> <ul><li><strong>Watch your finances.</strong> It pays to go into the process with a good credit history.</li> <li><strong>Research mortgage options and get pre-approval.</strong></li> <li><strong>Hire an attorney.&nbsp;</strong>Buying a home involves a large volume of paperwork, including contracts and agreements. Having a real estate lawyer by your side is strongly recommended.&nbsp;</li> <li><strong>Save for a down payment.&nbsp;</strong>Needless to say, it&#39;s expensive to buy a home - start saving now! In addition to your down payment, be prepared for costs such as: <ul><li>Closing costs</li> <li>Utilities, insurance and other monthly bills</li> <li>Property taxes&nbsp;</li> </ul></li> </ul><h2>2. Find a Boston Real Estate Broker</h2> <p>A knowledgeable agent can make the home buying process easier and save you money. Boston&#39;s top residential broker, Tracy Campion, and the team at Campion &amp; Company are here to listen to your concerns and be sure that your needs are met. To learn more about how we can help you, <a href="/contact-us/"><strong>contact our team</strong></a>.</p> <h2>3. Find Your Dream Home</h2> <p>What is most important to you? Make a list of your must-haves and deal breakers before you begin searching for your Boston home or condo. Your checklist might include:</p> <ul><li>Neighborhood or location</li> <li>Walkability &amp; public transportation</li> <li>Off-street parking</li> <li>Top Boston school system</li> <li>Close to medical centers, top local employers</li> <li>Building amenities</li> </ul><p>Don&#39;t forget mortgage payment on this list. Your dream home won&#39;t be <em>your</em> dream home unless you can afford it. Include utilities, taxes, homeowner&#39;s assessments in your calculations.</p> <h2>4. Financing Your Boston Home</h2> <p>Once you&#39;ve found the perfect property, take the steps to understand the financing terms. Your mortgage broker, lender or attorney can run a title search and will be important resources to help make sure you&#39;re clear on all terms. Ask questions if you&#39;re unsure about anything!</p> <h2>5. Make an Offer!</h2> <ul><li><strong>Home inspection</strong> -&nbsp;Before making an offer, be sure to get the home inspected by a licensed home inspector</li> <li>Make sure the title is clear or consider adding contingencies to your offer if it&#39;s not</li> <li>Plan to get title insurance</li> <li>Before you put pen to paper - be sure to read ALL contracts. If you&nbsp;hire an attorney, have them review the contracts, too</li> <li>Once you place a bid, be prepared to make a counter offer - it can be competitive</li> <li>Keep an eye on your credit score and hold off on additional big expenses until long after your closing</li> <li>If your offer is not accepted - then the search continues!</li> </ul><h2>6. Closing on Your New Home</h2> <ul><li><strong>Keep all sign contracts and papers, from offer to closing, on file</strong></li> <li><strong>Get insured&nbsp;</strong> <ul><li>Homeowners</li> <li>Flood</li> <li>Fire</li> <li>Disaster</li> </ul></li> <li><strong>Weatherproof your home -&nbsp;</strong>Get your home ready to face all four seasons</li> <li><strong>Set up all utilities</strong></li> <li><strong>Get ready for the move -&nbsp;</strong>Whether you are hiring professionals or relying on friends, get a moving plan together as soon as you know your move-in date</li> <li><strong>Make your home your own</strong>&nbsp;-&nbsp;from fresh paint to new light fixtures, have fun making your new place&nbsp;<em>yours</em></li> <li><strong>Introduce yourself to the neighborhood</strong> - Get to know your new neighbors and see what the neighborhood has to offer</li> <li><strong>Pass on the recommendation -&nbsp;</strong>If you are happy with the experience you had with your Realtor, recommended them to your friends looking to purchase Boston real estate!</li> </ul><p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If you still have questions about the home buying process or any real estate considerations specific to Boston, please <strong><a href="https://www.campionre.com/contact-us/" title="Contact Boston Realtor Campion &amp; Company">contact Campion &amp; Company</a></strong>. We look forward to helping you buy your next home!&nbsp;</p> Boston Real Estate Thu, 10 Mar 2016 21:03:57 -0500